Dan Moss is an award winning director and screenwriter.

He has written, directed and produced six short films, a variety of music videos and one feature film, ‘Imperial Blue’, currently out on general release.

Dan has always been interested in film as a powerful medium for hard-hitting social messages. He is able to build these into a gripping cinematic form that not only educates, but also thrills its audience.

Having begun his work in the field of fantasy and science fiction, his latest works embrace the thriller genre.


“A trip Philip K. Dick might have taken… the kind of Science Fiction that JG Ballard celebrated”   International Times

“A film which is ambitious with high ideas… willing to go the extra mile and not be formulaic”  Mark Kermode (BBC/Observer)

“This is debut film making at its best”  Britflicks


Imperial Blue

A 2019 psychedelic fantasy thriller, filmed on location in India, the UK and Uganda. It is the British writer-director Dan Moss’ debut feature.

Combining magical realism and post-colonial satire, Imperial Blue is a contemporary take on the “white man in Africa” narrative, set mainly in western Uganda.

American smuggler Hugo Winter travels to Uganda to find the source of Bulu, a mysterious shamanic drug with prophetic powers. After being robbed and beaten up in a downtown brothel, Hugo is rescued by two sisters who offer to help him, but they are both competing for his money. As they journey together deep into the forest, their uneasy alliance comes apart with horrifying consequences.

Imperial Blue had its world premiere at Raindance Film Festival (London) in 2019, was awarded Best Dramatic Feature at the 2020 Philip K Dick Film Festival (USA), was selected for the 2020 Mashariki International Film Festival (Rwanda) and was awarded Best Fantasy Film at the 2020 Another Hole in the Head Film Festival (USA)

It was released in the UK on 15th Jan 2021 and will be released on online outlets including Amazon, Itunes and Skystore 6th April 2021

As of March 2021, 75% of reviews compiled on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes are positive.